Some of the personal or scholarly essays I’ve published are not directly linkable, but here’s what I’ve rounded up. Feel free to drop me a comment if you want further reading material.


Queer Youth Cultures (Suny Series, Interruptions: Border Testimony & Critical Discourse)

I have a chapter on transgender zine writers in this book, which was published in spring 2009, and covers the way these young writers use their zines to construct their own identities. You can preview it courtesy of Google Books.

The Women’s Movement Today

I have a few entries in here, all about different aspects of parenting and third-wave feminism. I also wrote a few more on transgender and transsexual issues and activism for another encyclopedia published by the same company, which will be out in Spring 2009.



I wrote this piece for a local magazine that does a reader-submitted section each month on a different theme. I remember the moment I had the idea for this, sitting on the back steps of a house we had just moved into, watching my kids play in our new backyard, wondering at my own luck and superstition. I keep meaning to submit again, because each time I read this mag, this section is always one of my favorites.

If Women Ruled the World

Each contributor to this anthology was supposed to propose what we thought would happen if women were in charge. I hoped for universal health care and a room of her own for every women– wishful thinking, but a girl can dream, right?

Love Thy Neighbor, Mama

This piece is not as religious as the title may appear, but instead, my own effort to persuade us, mothers, to do less judging and more mutual aiding.

The Breastfeeding Cafe

My piece in this anthology is called “Me and The Big Blue U,” and it was the first piece I finished after the girls were born, which earns it a special place in my writerly heart.

Utne Reader on Riot Mamas

I published my own zine for a few issues a few years back, and it was pleasantly reviewed by the Utne Reader, which made me feel like I had hit the big time, writer-wise. Weirdly, I haven’t published another issue since!

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