Lesson Planning: Pedagogy

It’s an amazing thing to be a teacher in the 21st century– rather than feeling isolated or alone, we are almost overwhelmed by the amount of information available to us. I try to collect whatever seems useful to me, as you can see from my other lesson planning pages, but while much of it is subject-specific, a lot of it is not. Perhaps if I had come to teaching after majoring in education or earning an advanced degree in it, I wouldn’t be quite as fascinated by everything I come across, but since my training was in American Studies, I still find myself geeking out about pedagogy!

One major resource for me is Edutopia, a site linked with a magazine and foundation founded by George Lucas and chock-full of articles, quizzes, blogs, videos and other helpful channels for thinking about innovative and tech-assisted pedagogy.

The Center for Teaching Excellence is technically for health-based education, but I have found that each page, organized around ideas like active learning and student evaluation, is full of links and resources. While some are heavily theoretical and others might be old-hat to education pros, there’s still lots of food for thought.

Radical Teacher is sometimes focused more towards teachers in higher-education, but also is one of the only resources that covers areas like teaching immigration, war, peace, and other social justice issues.

Independent Teacher is always thought-provoking, and while the articles usually imply a degree of free public school teachers might not have, I also think any teacher can benefit from the articles and discussions provided. If you do teach at an independent school, like I do, then I would also recommend it, because they publish articles that are subject-specific, but also ones about unpacking private school privilege.

For teaching with technology, I have another list of resources.

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