I took this idea from Melissa at Suburban Bliss who got it from Maggie at Mighty Girl. I expect to be adding to this until I reach 100 items, and cross items off as I achieve them. I tried for a mix of wildly ambitious and less so and found this list of tips to be really helpful too. I borrowed some of their items; feel free to borrow some of mine.

The List

1. Travel to Alaska
3. Learn to play our piano
4. Travel to Costa Rica
5. Travel to Ireland
6. Visit Chile and see Pablo Neruda’s house
7. Go to Opera Night at Sotto Sopra
8. Drive up the Pacific Coast Highway with my family
9. Take my girls camping again
10. Dinner at the French Laundry
11. Endow a scholarship, no matter the size
12. Take my girls to see The Nutcracker
13. Teach my girls to cook and have them each makes dinner for the family by themselves
15. Become completely fluent in Spanish
17. Make myself a dress
18. Have a winter solstice party
19. Have a summer solstice party
20. Eat more vegetables
21. Grow some vegetables
22. Learn to crochet
24. Pierce the cartilage in my right ear, like my left ear
25. Exercise regularly
29. Spend more time in the woods
30. Bake bread I made focaccia, and it was delicious!
31. Visit a working ranch
32. Spend more time in the mountains considering this done, after a beautiful vacation on Skyline Drive in Virginia
35. Publish a book of poetry
36. Take a dance class
37. Take a cooking class
38. Visit my cousin in Colorado
39. Visit the other states I haven’t yet (besides Alaska):
40. Maine
41. Rhode Island
42. Nebraska
43. Hawaii
44. Vermont
45. New Hampshire
46. Oklahoma
47. Wisconsin
48. Take trapeze lessons
49. Camp at Assateague again
50. Take a painting class I’ve taken three painting classes!

The next 25

51. Run a color run and Treehugger 5K
52. Join a chorus.
53. Sing in public with a group of other people.
54. Run a 10K or 15K race.
55. Run five 5K races (#1: Red Hot Run, #2: Warrior Dash, #3: Red Hot Run again)
56. Become a volunteer at a dyslexia tutoring program
57. Volunteer at Our Daily Bread
58. Take a ceramics course done! at Baltimore Clayworks!
59. Go to Graceland with my sister
60. Go to Dollywood.
61. Go to the Florida Keys.