The posts I’ve written on motherhood are the closest I come to a baby book, reflections on how I parent as well as glimpses into our daily family life. I think like many parents, I often feel like I’m making it up as I go along, but when I look back over my writing, patterns clearly emerge.

Parenting Practices

I’ve tried to get my kids to eat more vegetables, while also teaching them the power of food and cooking. We think about how and why we have them do chores and set goals, and how to talk to them about money and ethics and kindness.

Working Motherhood

The work-life juggle has been a major theme of my life as a mother and career as a teacher. The first day and week of each new school year, the challenge of getting dinner on the table while pursuing meaningful work, have all enriched and complicated my parenting life.

Vignettes of Family Life

The posts I write about moments in our family’s rhythms are usually vignettes, and with each tale of snow days, musicals and Friday nights, I remember how important it is to capture these scenes too, the funny and the everyday.

Dilemmas and Challenges

Writing out what I think helps me figure out my fears and deal with tough spots, like middle school, lice, and homework. I wonder what I’ll do when faced with questions about cellphone contracts, how to motivate them without falling into the high-pressure parenting trap.

Reflecting and Growing

Reflecting and evolving have made me a better mother, and writing has been such a big part of that, as I captured birthdays each year and experienced bittersweet waves of nostalgia and change along the way.

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