I come from a family of teachers: my mother, sister, stepmother, aunt, cousin, and stepfather are all teachers! I’ve spent my whole life in and around schools, and can’t imagine it any other way. My path to teaching has been a bit different from my relatives, though– I have no formal training in education and have taught at community colleges, universities, and now a K-12 school. I’ve taught everything from fine arts to popular culture to parents, soldiers, teenagers, plumbers, electricians, and high-school drop-outs, and ultimately, what I have learned is that pedagogy is my passion.

I began teaching in classes on cultural pluralism and media studies, beginning in graduate school in American Culture Studies and continuing to my favorite adjunct gig at my own alma mater. During 2008, I taught a 300-level special topics course titled “Facebook Culture”, which you can read more about at that link. I taught media and popular culture courses for eight years, and it has literally changed the way I think about the world we live in.

I feel very lucky to have landed in my current school, teaching English at a K-12 all-girls independent school. I’ve taught 9th, 11th and 12th graders, and enjoy being in a 1:1 laptop environment; it’s been a huge benefit in my development in digital social teaching and teaching with technology. My job includes teaching classes, working with clubs, advising in our advisory program, and helping out with the college essays each fall. My sister also teaches at the same school, and my daughters currently attend, making it a family affair! Though I never attended a single-sex school myself, my time here has made me a believer in its amazing benefits for young women.

If you want to know more about what I’ve found digging through the web, and what I’ve found useful, please wind your way through my pages on lesson planning with reading strategies, online archives, and WebQuests, writing strategies, literature, and poetry. These resources are all meant with grades 9-12 in mind because that’s the age group I teach. I would love to hear from you if anything you find here is helpful to you. I also read a lot of books on teaching; let me know if you’ve got some titles I should check out!

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